Amazing Leh-Ladakh with Manali
- Tour Package -
(7 days)

With this tour package, you will visit the top attractions of Ladakh and experience the adventurous road trip from Leh to Manali. During the first 2 days, you will visit Leh and the west part of the Indus valley (Sham region) which includes the well-known sights such as Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, the Magnetic Hill, the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers, Basgo, Alchi, Likir and Spituk monasteries. The next 2 days will be dedicated to exploring the Nubra valley. You will cross the Khardung La pass (5,602m) and visit Sumur and Diskit gompas. You will also have the chance to go for a camel ride at Hunder sand dunes. On day 5, you will head to the high-altitude lake of Tso Moriri lying at an elevation of 4,530m where you will meet the Changpa nomads. On the next day, you will drive to Tso Kar lake and try to spot the rare black-necked crane. Then, you will catch the Leh-Manali highway and reach Sarchu where you will spend the night in a camp. The next morning, you will resume your journey on the Leh-Manali highway, passing Jispa and crossing the Rothang La pass which connects the barren mountains of Ladakh to the lush forests of Manali.

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Amazing Leh-Ladakh Tour Package with Manali


Arrival in Leh, acclimatization & visit

Day 1: Leh

Indus valley to Alchi (1-day tour)

Day 2: drive from Leh to Alchi monastery and back to Leh

Nubra valley (2-day tour)

Day 3: drive from Leh to Nubra valley

Day 4: drive back to Leh

Leh to Manali via Tso Moriri (in 3 days), one-way trip

Day 5: drive from Leh to Tso Moriri lake

Day 6 & 7: drive from Tso Moriri lake to Manali

Map, Amazing Leh-Ladakh with Manali tour

For more details, check out this sightseeing map of Leh-Ladakh.


1,085 km

Leh-Manali Highway, Leh-Ladakh Tour Package
Portrait of a Ladakhi Girl, Leh-Ladakh Tour Package


Arrival in Leh, acclimatization & visit
(done independently)  ?

Day 1: Leh airport - Leh (Main Bazar, Leh Palace, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Shanti Stupa)
Night in Leh

This morning, take the scenic flight soaring over the Himalayas and admire the breathtaking views of the snow-covered peaks of Ladakh, also known as “Little Tibet”. After one and a half hours, reach Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport and head to your hotel in Leh where you can rest for a couple of hours. Leh, the capital city of the Union Territory of Ladakh, is at 3,500 metres altitude. You should take it slow on the first day so that your body can adjust properly to the lack of oxygen. Enjoy authentic local food in a Ladakhi restaurant.

After lunch, walk through the narrow medieval streets of the old town to the Leh palace. The palace is an imposing mud-brick building with nine floors. It was constructed in the 17th century and it remained the residence of the Ladakhi royal family until the middle of the 19th century. Just above the palace, the Buddhist monastery of Namgyal Tsemo is a landmark that is visible from anywhere in Leh. Located 150 metres above the town, this monastery with hundreds of colourful prayer flags flapping in the wind makes an amazing photo spot. Later in the afternoon, you should visit the Shanti Stupa, a white pagoda-style monument standing atop a hill. It was built in 1991 to promote world peace and it offers the best viewpoint in Leh. From the top, the view embraces the whole city of Leh, the Indus valley and various mountain ranges including the Stok range with the impressive Stok Kangri peak towering at more than 6,000 metres. In the evening, head back to the Main Bazar where local people wearing Gonchas (traditional Ladakhi outfit) sell vegetables and other local products. Nearby, you could visit the Gompa Soma surrounded by dozens of prayer wheels and the beautiful Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in Ladakh.

Indus valley to Alchi (1-day tour)

Day 2: Leh - Magnetic Hill - confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers - Basgo - Alchi - Likir - Gurdwara Pathar Sahib - Spituk - Leh
Night in Leh

Today is dedicated to the visit of “Sham”, the west part of the Indus valley. This area of Ladakh is at the same altitude as Leh so it helps to acclimatize gently. The first stop on this 150 km day tour is at the puzzling Magnetic Hill where a vehicle with engine turned off and in neutral gear appears to be rolling uphill… A phenomenon that you must witness by yourself! Just 30 km from Leh, you reach the popular Sangam viewpoint, the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. Rising above the village, the Basgo monastery contains a two-storey statue of the Future Buddha. For lunch, you can find restaurants in the pleasant village of Alchi on the bank of the Indus river. Then, visit the famous 11th-century Alchi monastery, the oldest Buddhist gompa in Ladakh. The monastery houses some of the most outstanding murals in Ladakh. On the other side of the Indus river is the charming village of Likir dominated by the Likir monastery. This gompa is well-known for its 22m-high statue of Maitreya Buddha situated just next to the main building. On the way back to Leh, stop at Gurdwara Pathar Sahib (a well-known sacred place for Sikhs) and Spituk monastery.

Nubra valley (2-day tour)

Day 3: Leh - Khardung La - Diskit - Hunder (Nubra valley)
Night in Hunder

This morning, drive towards the Nubra valley via the Khardung La pass, the highest driveable road in the world at an altitude of 5,602 metres above sea level. From the top of the pass, enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Karakoram mountains unfolding before your eyes. The wide and flat Nubra valley (“the valley of flowers” in Ladakhi) is tucked in the lap of the Himalayas at an average altitude of 3,100 metres. Head to Diskit, the largest settlement in Nubra. The main attraction here is the Diskit monastery spectacularly located atop a rocky peak. The gompa was built in the 15th century, it is the oldest one in the valley. It belongs to the Gelugpa order (“yellow hat”). At the top of nearby hill, the gigantic 32-metre-high Chamba statue was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 2010. A few kilometres further on the left bank of the Shayok river, Hunder village offers several accommodation options.

Day 4: Hunder - Sumur - Khardung La - Leh
Night in Leh

After breakfast, enjoy a Bactrian camel ride across the the rolling Hunder sand dunes. These camels were brought to Ladakh when Hunder was a stopping point for caravans travelling on the Silk Route. These days, there are approximately 200 Bactrian camels living in the Nubra valley. Then, head to Sumur, a pleasant village on the bank of the Nubra river. Here, you can visit the Samstanling gompa before driving back to Leh.

Leh to Manali via Tso Moriri (in 3 days), one-way trip

Day 5: Leh - Chumathang - Tso Moriri lake
Night at Tso Moriri Lake
Day 6: Tso Moriri lake - Tso Kar - Pang - Sarchu
Night in Sarchu
Day 7: Sarchu - Jispa - Rohtang La - Manali


This package is the combination of 2 tours and a one-way trip:

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Indus valley to Alchi (1-day tour)
Nubra valley (2-day tour)
Leh to Manali via Tso Moriri (in 3 days), one-way trip
TOTAL ₹ 49,074 ₹ 46,624 ₹ 42,291

The tour package is arranged with a private taxi (the car is only for you and it will not be shared with other passengers).

The price includes:
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✓ Fuel
✓ Tolls and parking fees
✓ Driver’s food and accommodation
Oxygen cylinder (optional)

The price excludes:
✗ Meals and hotels
Inner Line Permit

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4.8/5 - 9 reviews

Gowri S

Reviewed in September 2019

Vijeswari B

Reviewed in August 2019

Simply great.

Harish R

Reviewed in August 2019

This was a dream come true for me and my wife. From Leh to Sham, meeting the Brokpa tribe. Then the beautiful Nubra valley with the famous sand dunes and camels. The breathtaking Pangong lake. And finally the crazy road trip to Manali. A memorable adventure that will stay in our heart forever. A very well planned trip and everything perfectly arranged by Leh-Ladakh Taxi Booking.

Rajeev R

Reviewed in July 2019

Best experience ever!

Neeraj A

Reviewed in July 2019

Vishal S

Reviewed in July 2019

Sowmya K

Reviewed in July 2019

Trip was great... good car... driver specially is very nice.... and the service in general is high quality…


Reviewed in June 2019

Jakesh K

Reviewed in June 2019

We visited Leh-Ladakh June 2019. It was a great itinerary with memorable sights. Very professional and friendly driver, he provided many useful information.

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